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This Hand

Written on July 24, 2005.

The hand of God put life into all of us.  That same hand has guided us, and that same hand was pierced on the cross.  

That same hand will still pick us up when we fall.

This hand was waved so long ago,
Before this world began.
And just like every one of you,
I became part of His plan.

This hand was moved just years ago,
Before my life was known.
The will of God was right on track,
Before these seeds were sown.

This hand was stretched that special day,
When I emerged so new.
The love of God was shown to me,
Before I found the truth.

This hand was grasping the fragile life,
As I began to grow.
This God whose love has been for ever,
I began to know.

This hand was wiping away my tears,
As I found the world so grey.
Looking at those with sin and shame,
Thought I'd never be that way.

This hand was pointing at my life,
Showing how I stray.
Lying, cheating, my trust in you fleeting,
My debt was more than I could pay.

This hand was dripping with perfect blood,
Pierced with a nail through the wrist.
The body soon hung, no life inside,
No life in the cheek I had kissed.

This hand was outstretched right in front of me,
I felt the skin and the hole.
And since I believed in the sacrifice,
This hand paid the price for my soul.