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Rip Me Apart

This is s strange piece, I'll admit it. Here's the basic 
point though: We need to surrender ourselves to God,
and God will cleanse us. He we wipe away our sinful 
natures. He will mold us into who He wants us to be. 
This poem asks God to get rid of who I am right now, 
completely, so God may use for His will.

Maybe its a little too strange, and I guess could be 
considered "graphic" by some, I suppose.

Rip me apart from the inside,
Grind away all that I am.
Trash everything I thought I could be,
Only then am I truly free.

Toss me into a blender,
Mix up my heart and soul.
Rearrange my thoughts and mind,
Only then true peace I'd find.

Light my bones on fire,
Melt away my filthy flesh.
Plunge my blood down the drain,
Only then comes the end of pain.

Scatter every part of me,
Rid this earth of my great stench.
Spill my guts like rotten stew,
Only then can you shine through.