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We all need faith, even the size of a mustard seed. 
When we lose faith, we may get knocked down, but 
God is always there to lift us back up again.

My eyes look blankly in the night
Blackness covers all in sight
I want to see like brightened day
I begin my trek to lightened gray

I fear my blindness will cause me to trip
I make the mistake of the unsinkable ship
I know I can't conquer this darkness alone
I take the hand of a body not known

My leap of faith lands me on stable ground
A strong breeze from the east comes and knocks me down
I find its because I lost grip of the hand
I reach out again and it pulls me to stand

I still trip and fall but I know that you're close
I sip your love and then go for overdose
I've learned to trust and now I won't let go
You cleansed my blackened life and made me white as snow