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My Selfish Plunder

I actually wrote this poem while driving 11 hours 
between Minnesota and Ohio. The basic message of 
this work is that we can't save ourselves, and the 
world can't save us either. We can't just leave Jesus 
on a shelf, we have to get Him down and get Him 
involved in our lives. We must understand what the 
Word of God is telling us: The power and love of God 
can overcome any obstacle. Even sin, and even death.

Situated frantically, I contemplate content
As I irrigate the channels of my mind with what you meant
I focus on superfluous as I corrupt my mind
I tackle this endeavor, hopelessness for what I'll find

I'm satisfied by nothing that this world can cultivate
My attempts at self-salvation only make me more irate
This myriad of morons which I see within myself
All direct me to the notion of leaving Jesus on a shelf

These internal motives can not possibly advance
If I wish my supernatural to grant another chance
I must sacrifice my own desires, surrender all my ways
Instead of lacking footholes in these last and fiery days

Considering my wretched past, I would expect rejection
I understand why I deserve no sign of your protection
Irritated by my selfish plunder, I begin to break
Why then would you deliver me, when I've been such a fake?

Comparing you to mountain ranges understates your might
Comparing you to supernovas understates your light
I can not form vocabulary to sufficiently explain
The love and power of God above, who shall forever reign