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Missing the Scars

July 13, 2005.

Below is a line-by-line description of what this poem means, and what I was thinking when I was writing it.

I wait for God to move in my life.
I cannot move in this life on my own.
Its hard to live not knowing the future.
I can't always form the right words.

I don't know where the future will take me.
I can't see where I'm going.
I don't always understand why certain things are happening.
I don't always see God's work / sacrifice in my life.

I shouldn't rest while I have work to do.
Trusting until I'm dead.
God gives me peace, even though I don't always understand.
Trusting until I'm dead.

Here my soul waits in weakened patience,
Lacking strength to walk.
There my whole hates this unknown future,
Lacking words to talk.

Where my feet take me I cannot guess,
Missing the ground below.
What my hand's making I couldn't grasp,
Missing the scars to show.

When my mind's moving I dare not rest,
Trusting until I'm of sod.
Who this kind soothing has sent to me,
Trusting until I'm with God.