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In His Grip

My first work that is like a story of some sort. It is 
meant to symbolize God sending his Son Jesus to 
save us from our sins.

I dove from the mountain to the valley down below
I dug myself so deep that from the top I barely show
I stare up at the speck of light and ask myself how to get out
After I see I can't like that, I sit back down and pout

Suddenly a rope's end falls down and sits right next to me
Who's on the other end I wonder, for I cannot see
I grab hold and get pulled up to the top
As I reach this even ground, I land my feet and stop

Back on even ground, I'm yet standing in awe
I look and see a wounded man about to fall
Sharpened rock has cut holes in his hands, feet and hip
Then I was surprised to see that rope yet in his grip

As he fell in pain all I could do is stand and stare
As the man that saved my life had his taken from him there
Then an older man approached and I turned away in shame
I was surprised to hear his gentle voice softly call my name

The older man knelt by the corpse and I began to cry
I could not see why I should live, yet this man should die
I looked back at the kneeling man and saw him shed a tear
I have caused much pain for these, I wish I could disappear

The man put his hand on the forehead of the slain
I stared in amazement as his breath he did regain
I stood and was in awe as he sat up and started talking
I thought who is this man who was dead yet now is walking

Over time I've begun to understand that day
The older man had seen me trapped from so very far away
He sent his son to get me out from the hole I was in
The trechorous mountains had caused the holes in his skin

Though his wounds were bleeding, he gave his all to get me free
His father was the loving type, he loved all including me
He had some hidden power that graced us all with his breath
Yet so phenomenal that he overcame death

You look at this story and you may say that's not true
Maybe not literally but it can be within you
For God sent his only son to save us from our mistakes
And those who don't take the rope are facing awful stakes