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Floods and Waves

This is one of the first poems I wrote. Basically, it 
says that we're all sinners. We have sinned against 
each other, and against God. While God could have 
sent us all to Hell, He instead sent Christ to die for our
sins, and to bring us salvation. We need to spread the 
Word of God to all ears that are willing to hear, 
because everyone needs to love of God. We all need 
to be saved.

Being a human, I have numerous flaws
Breaking your heart and breaking your laws
I know it was I that nailed you to the cross
Not until it was done did I realize the loss

He could have just thrown me out on the street
Where the villains, they pillage; and the creatures, they eat
But his love is so great, I cannot comprehend
How that love is so strong from beginning to end

I wish every person in the world would be saved
Bring new believers in by floods and by waves
My heart rejoices for each soul kept from hell
But still there are more that we need to tell

Looking at the world I am apt to see
Many hurting faces looking back at me
I pray they don't end life still in unbelief
For those who do, there will be no relief

Now before I close tonight, I have one final thought
Jesus Christ, he died for you, for you your sins he bought
He gave so much, the human mind can not nearly understand
Just believe in him and follow us, we're going to the promised land