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At the Flicker

I wrote this work shortly after the events of September 
11, 2001. The intention of this poem is not to say the 
attacks were not horrific and catastrophic. The point is 
that, in today's world, an Earthly death is looked at as 
the end to everything. We fail to see beyond the grave 
into eternity, and where those people will be forever. 
The truth is that, one day, we're all going to die. It is 
inevitable. I would infinitely more prefer dying today 
and going to Heaven, than living sixty more years, and 
ending up in the lake of fire.

Something's in the air, and its not a nice aroma
Hate is everywhere, and our minds are in a coma
We seem to live our lives like our end will never come
But as we've seen in the world, the end's sooner for some

We forget that we are vulnerable mortals
Like we've stepped through some immortal portal
At the flicker of an instant, a life could be lost
Then we tend to not think about the eternal costs

Kamikaze pilot or a bomb in a car
Unlike a raging river, avalanche or falling star
Crimes against humanity show a lack of caring
Check with them in eternity and see how they've been fairing

Many people have lost their lives in these murderous events
Those responsible commit with no thought of consequence
We grieve the earthly lives that end on those days
But we need to really grieve the ones that were not saved

I'm not saying we shouldn't bring up earthly problems when we pray
But in all honesty, we'll all lose our lives anyway
We need to spend more time in saving people's souls
So for their eternity, they're not forever on hot coals

Oh Jesus Christ my Lord, we come before with heavy losses
Then we recall the sight we saw as three men were up on crosses
We remember the middle one, it was God's only begotten son
For even though we die on Earth, our lives have just begun