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A Place Unlike I've Seen Yet

This work basically says that I've sinned more than I
explain, and yet God still forgives me. And even after I
pledge my life to the work of Christ, I still fall short of
the mark which God has set for my life. Never can I 
reach that mark on my own; I need Jesus. God sets 
me free, and, even though I'm a sinner, and a mark-
misser, He still uses me as a tool to spread His word.

Created from His image, I have strayed far from that path
Collecting earthly dust, I've been corrupted with that wrath
I've fallen so deep in this hole that has no bottom
I seem to have gone deeper than Gomorrah and Sodom

To all I say God's everywhere, and I hope all will agree
You think 'I've gone so far away, He's given up on me.'
But holes so deep and sins so wide will not stop His holy grace
For I have sinned so very much, yet He still took my place

Tempted by this evil, I sometimes trip and fall
Lying and lusting, hating, distrusting, guilty I admit it all
Put my life at the hands of the court, I hope they'll be lenient
They set me free and promised me a place unlike I've seen yet

'Why this for me' I asked, 'When death fits the crime?'
'Punishment so severe til beyond the end of time.'
But God responded 'You are my creation, and my love for you is great.'
'For your belief in me strayed not, so hell's flame you will escape.'

I watched with awe as the cuffs fell of my wrists
I walked from the crime and remembered the cheek I kissed
Still amazed at this almighty love, I fell to the floor in tears
I hugged my Lord and Saviour as he whispered in my ear:

'Now go young man, and spread my word and love.'
'Tell of how my son was sent to save all with the above.'
'Earthly things will fade away, but Heaven's forever here to stay.'
'Find the lost and tired and sick, and show I am the way.'