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God is real, I have no doubts about that.  Not until we surrender ourselves to God can we truly understand the affects Jesus can have in our lives.

I can't see it.
I can't hear it.
How can I believe it?
I can't touch it.
I can't smell it.
How can I follow it?
I can't taste it.
I can't hold it.
How can I love it?
I can't understand it.
I can't comprehend it.
How can I know it?
This is what I missed before,
But now I'm grasping why.
I can do all of these things,
With you through my mind's eye.
Now I can see it.
Now I can hear it.
Now I can touch it.
Now I can smell it.
Now I can taste it.
Now I can hold it.
I can understand it.
I can comprehend it.
I can believe it.
I can follow it.
I can love it.
I can know it.
You are God, and I am not,
But sometimes that's an afterthought.
I need you more than ever before,
You are my friend and risen Lord.