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A Different Tale


There goes another broken heart,
Yet one more shattered dream.
Another hope has fallen short,
Yet one more dried up stream.

When will these heartaches come no more,
Will this anguish ever cease?
When will I lose this pain and grief,
Will my soul yet come to peace?

When will this not be my story,
As I seek a different tale?
Will I have eyes to see the light,
As I walk blindly on this trail?

Is there someone even listening?
Will they catch me if I fall?
Is there someone even caring?
Will they answer if I call?

In an act of desperation,
I kneel down to the floor.
I cry out to the emptiness,
Hoping to find there is more.

I feel deep down inside of me,
In places I've never known.
A feeling that someone is listening,
A feeling tha I'm not alone.

Throughout all the years we're alive,
We'll run into pain and discord.
There's only one way we can make it,
And that's to have Jesus as Lord.