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I have been writing for well over ten years now. It began as poetry in the mid 1990s. At some point, I began rewriting secular songs with Christian lyrics. Somewhere around 2004, I tried writing fiction. Some of the fiction posted here is finished, while some is barely started and may or may not ever be picked up again, but I wanted to post them here anyway. My only current writing project is The Lords of Sargoff, which is, by far, my longest and most ambitious writing project to date. Please feel free to let me know any comments or critiques you have on anything you read here. Enjoy!

Mrs. PresidentFiction
The CageFiction
The CrumblingFiction
The Great DayFiction
The Lords of SargoffFiction
The MountainFiction
The ParachuteFiction
The Storm of WarFiction
A Different TalePoem
A Place Unlike I've Seen YetPoem
At the FlickerPoem
Floods and WavesPoem
Holy GodPoem
I Need YouPoem
In His GripPoem
Missing the ScarsPoem
My Selfish PlunderPoem
My Whole ExistencePoem
Off the TrackPoem
Rip Me ApartPoem
Some Little RhymePoem
Thank YouPoem
The Colors of WonderPoem
The Fall to LightPoem
Thicker Than StainsPoem
This HandPoem
Until I FallPoem
Uses of MePoem
Without YouPoem
Get to Know the SaviourRewrite
He Will Save Your SoulRewrite
Its His LifeRewrite
Judgment DayRewrite
My IronyRewrite
Smells Like God's SpiritRewrite
The LineRewrite
The Lord I KnowRewrite
Wasted My TimeRewrite
Will You Come Back To Me?Rewrite
You Gave Your Life For MeRewrite

Game Creation

I love games, and have throughout my life. Our family often played board games growing up. For me, this also grew into computer and collectible card games. Recently, I have started making up rules for my own games, and have done some playtesting with one of them. More playtesting of both games is planned.

Reclamation: A collectible card game based on the Bible. The rules are fairly complex. The first set of the game contains over 300 different cards and is based on the book of Genesis. [ More information to come. ]

Myridia: A tile-based board game, based in space. Players will play tiles to the table, and will attempt to deliver goods from planet to planet, while also dealing with asteroids and raiders, and visiting merchants and fortune tellers, and discovering treasures and completing missions. [ More information to come. ]