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Biographical Information


Full Name: Joel Nathan Cooper.
Nicknames: Cooper, Coops, Coop, Coop-ditty, Coop-dog, Stud, Studly, Joely, Joely Poly, among others.
Parents names: Alvin and Cheryl Cooper.
Birthday: May 21, 1982. 7:25 am eastern time.
Pets: An aging Maltese named Ruffles. She's definitely my wife's dog.
Height: 6'2.25".
Weight: 238.
Eye Color: Brown.
Piercings: No thanks.
Tattoos: Only when I accidently write on myself with a pen.
Where do you live: Shoreview, Minnesota.
Where were you born: Portsmouth, New Hampshire.
Shoe Size: 14.


Been in love: I'll ask my wife.
Been to Africa: Only while watching The Lion King.
Been toilet pappering: Gordy taught me well.
Been toilet pappered: Yeah.
Smoked: Heck no.
Drank anything alcoholic: Still alcohol free after all these years.
Gotten a speeding ticket: Only twice the amount of the only even prime number.


Croutons or Bacon Bits: Bacon bits.
2 or 4 door(car): 2 door baby!
Mr. Pibb or Dr. Pepper: Dr. Pepper. Preferably Cherry Vanilla.
Coffee or Ice Cream: Ice Cream. Coffee's icky.
Shampoo or Conditioner: Both in one bottle.
Relationship or Hook-up: Once again, I'll have to ask my wife.
Purple or Green grapes: Neither.
Lefty or Righty: Righty.
One pillow or two: Two, absolutely. Only one collapses under the weight of my oversized head.
Adidas or Nike: Nike. Cause the store was closer.


Salad Dressing: Honey Dijon, BBQ Ranch is also quite good.
Color socks: Black, I suppose.
Number: 49.
Cartoon: VeggieTales. Spongebob is also wonderful!
Comic Strip: Dilbert.
Memory: Southern MN TEC #39. Proposing to my woman was also good fun.
Animal: Cat, I guess. I don't get out much.
Formal dance: Prom, wedding dance.
Place to be kissed: Pucker up, woman!
Bible verse: Galations 2:20.
Actor/Actress: Johnny Depp.
Quote: "Be an organ donor. Give your heart to Jesus."
Voice: James Earl Jones, aka Darth Vader :)
Movie scene: Battle of Pelennor Fields, Return of the King.
Movie: Lord of the Rings: Return of the King.
Music artist: P.O.D.
CD: Currently a tie between dc Talk: Supernatural and P.O.D.: Satellite.
Place to cuddle: Anywhere with my woman.
Who do you think is the world's sexiest person: My woman, of course!
What's the easiest way to get on your nerves: Smoke.
Store: Best Buy!
Toothpaste: Non-icky.
Day of the week: Today.
Perfume/cologne: That newly-opened-pack-of-cards smell. :)
Song at the moment: Jesus Freak, though its grip on that spot is weakening.
TV show: Seinfeld.
Hotel: Why would I have a favorite hotel?
Subject: Any computer class.
Color: Green, but black is threatening to replace it.
Restaurant: The Cheesecake Factory. No contest.
Color Rose: Red, I guess.
Least favorite subject: Spanish. Yo no pass-o.
Sport to watch: Football.
Sport to play: Football.
Rap Group: John Reuben, KJ-52.
Country song: No thanks.
Oranges or apples: I'd rather pluck out my own eyes.
Deaf or blind: I have to choose one? I'd rather be deaf than blind.
Pool or hot tub: pool.
Blondes or brunettes: Blonde, of course!
Food: Chocolate. For actual food, lobster or buffalo chicken.
AC or open windows: depends on the speed I'm going. Sometimes both.
Tall or short: 5'4.5" to be exact.
TV or radio: depends what's on.
Fast Food Restaurant: McDonald's.
Game: Oh so many. The Star Wars, Star Trek, and Lord of the Rings card games would be near the top, as would Scrabble and Trivial Pursuit.
Pair of Jeans: These.
Teacher: Prof. McManaman was good at DeVry, so were those goofy Prof. Coopers.
Girls names: Alicia, Elizabeth, Gabrielle, Kiersten.
Boys names: Chad, Nathan.
Car: Aston Martin Vanquish.
Baseball team: I must say, it has finally happened. The Twins have jumped over the Giants as my #1. The Red Sox jumped over the Giants also for that matter, but not over the Twinkies.
Football team: 49ers.


Took a shower: Yesterday.
Cried really hard: Its been a while now.
Went to a movie: We went to see Twilight (11/2008).
Read a book: I've started reading Eragon.


school: Not going anymore.
friends: They're always there when you need someone.
yourself: I'm a child of God. :)
Growing up: That was a good thing?
Being young? Not being old.
Being in love: It's wonderful!


What is your most prized possession: Car.
What is your good-luck charm: My woman! ;)
What is your proudest moment: Proposing to my girlfriend.
what is your biggest fear: Missing God's plan for my life.
What is your family like: Kinda looney.
WHat is your most embarrasing moment: Getting knocked out in the 6th grade lunch line. Long story...

Who makes you laugh the most: All my friends.
Who is the stupidest person you know: Me?
Who is the most psychotic person you know: Me again.
Who do you have a crush on: I really like my wife.
Who do you go to for advice: My best friends, and my woman.
who do you hate: Satan is a poo-poo head.
WHo knows the most about you: Megan. And of course, God.
Who has it easiest, guys or girls: Neither.

What are your plans for high school: Uhh... been there, done that.
After high school: College, done that too.
After college: Working at FLS as a database analyst has been my life-long dream!
Do you plan on getting married: I did that a few years ago.
Do you want a family: Maybe.
What is your next vacation spot: No idea.
Do you like Britney Spears: She's not as big of a poo-poo head as Satan. And yet... no.
If you could marry a superstar, who would it be: She's a superstar in my mind!
Gone water skiiing: Tried once. Couldn't get up.
Who was your first crush: Some Laura girl in like first grade.
Where I see myself in 10 years: Hopefully I'll be a published author by then. :)
Gone skinny dipping: Yep...
Do you like thunderstorms: They're neatorific!
Who is the most inspiration person you know: Jesus. :)
Last CD you bought: I have no idea, its been a while. Very sad.
Last movie you bought: Uh, well, I dunno that either. That's been a while too.
You have any scars: Yeah, like 15, from miscellaneous accidents. I'm quite clumsy!
How about roller coasters: They rock!
What's your sign: Gemini. Whoo-ahh.
Future pet's names: We're going to have a dog named Smaug. *evil laugh*. And maybe Wicket, if I can get a cat some day.
Would you go up and randomly kiss some one for 50 bucks: Can I kiss my woman for 50 bucks?
Best thing that has happened in the last 24hrs: I talked to my woman.
Worst thing that has happened in the last 24hrs: I woke up.
Dream last night: Dreamless sleep as far as I remember.... I've had some weird ones though.
What are you wearing right now: Jeans, button-down shirt.
Do you think OJ is guilty or innocent: I thought he was innocent during the criminal case. Now... probably not.
What is/was/will be your major in school, if applicable: Business Information Systems.
Funniest insult: That's what she said.
Dating anyone: My woman, Megan. She's freaking hot.
Ever been in a car accident: Yep, 3 to be exact. 2 while I was driving. Didn't cause-a-one.
Would you get in a shark tank: How big's the shark?
What movie are you excited to see: The Day the Earth Stood Still.
Last thing you bought: Gas.
Funniest movie: So many good ones!
Do you ever act silly: Always.
Gay or straight: Straight....
What are you thinking about: Thinking about what I'll eat when I get home.
Best bowling score: 168.
Do you get along with your parents: Yep.
How many times do you wash your hair a day: Less than one.
Do you care about the way you look: Fortunately no.
Do you believe in ghosts: I've never seen one.
Do you believe in UFO's: Not one of these either.
Do you believe in horoscopes: I believe they exist. Other than that, no.
Do you believe in yourself: Ya.
Do you believe in God: More than I believe in gravity.
Are you a witch: Only on Everquest.
Do you prefer chocolate or vanilla: Chocolate. No question.
Favorite town to chill: Wherever my friends are.
Favorite Ice Cream: Anything chocolate.
Favotite shoes: The ones that are on my feet.
Indoor or Outdoor person: A combination... more indoor though probably.
What do you look for when searching for a person of the opposite sex: I look for my woman.
School: I attened DeVry University, Columbus, Ohio. Now I attend the school of war in North Freeport.

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