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I hope you enjoyed my little chunk of the information superhighway, however I suppose its time to hop onto the next place. Below is a selection of links to sites I enjoy and visit often, or just felt like listing for whatever random reason. If there are any dead links, please leave a mark and let me know.

Website NameDescription
BBSpotSatire for Smart People; The Truth for You.
Better FictionA fiction forum I've posted some things to.
Bid Daddy?A cartoon about evolution vs. creation.
CapAlertChristian movie review site.
Chromiden's ChroniclesMy Blog.
Computer StupiditiesFunny stories about computer illiterate people.
Darwin AwardsCommemorates those who improve our gene pool by removing themselves from it.
Decipher, Inc.Maker of trading card games I play (or have played in the past) such as Lord of the Rings: TCG and Star Wars: CCG.
Dimes Must DieAmusing.
Download.comExcellent place to get (legal) software.
Everquest2.comOfficial Everquest II site.
Film ClichesA funny list of movie cliches. Gets repetitious after awhile, how ironic.
First Baptist Church - Ballston Spa, NYChurch website where my dad pastors.
FLSThe website of my employer, FLS.
GinerikWebsite of brother and sister-in-law.
GmailThe best web-based email in the world. I can even send you an invite. :)
Google EarthA 3D interface to the planet. I can see my parking space.
Got Questions?Attemps to answer lots of Bible-related questions.
Grocery Store WarsJoin the organic rebellion.
images.Google.comExcellent image search engine.
International Movie DatabaseLots of good movie info.
Jedi TrainerUse the Force to destroy the droids.
Jump the SharkWhen TV Shows reach their peak.
JurassicPunk.comGood place to download movie trailers and other such media.
Knights of Riven MoonThe website for our Everquest II guild.
Knights of Riven Moon, @ station.comOur guild on Everquest II, website.
Larry Elmore's Color ArtNifty fantasy art.
LogMeIn.comGood remote access.
LordOfTheRings.netOfficial Lord of the Rings site.
Master ReplicasReplicas of Star Wars items, such as lightsabers and blasters.
Mini-puttPlay mini golf online.
Mn/DOT Traveler InformationImages from highway cameras all around the Twin Cities.
MonsterJob search website that I found my job on. Thanks Monster!
News of the WeirdIt's news, its weird, that's why they call it the Weirs of the Nude. (Yes, I actually accidently said that in high school.)
Porsche Carrera GT Color ConfiguratorSweet car, sweet site.
RadioUChristian radio station in Columbus, Ohio, that I listen to online.
RapidCars.comLots of excellent pictures of excellent cars.
ReelviewsMovie review site, 'The Largest Non-Commercial Movie Site on the Net.'
RottenTomatoes.comMovie review site.
StanTheCaddy.comSeinfeld blog, includes episodes to download using BitTorrents.
StarWars.comOfficial Star Wars site.
SW:CCG Player's CommitteeFor the ongoing goodness of the Star Wars: Customizable Card Game.
Tek-TipsExcellent resource and help center for programmers.
The ContraptionTwenty-two domino-effect events, including the solving of a Rubic's cube.
The Encyclopedia of ArdaA reference guide to the works of J.R.R. Tolkien.
TheForce.netGet your daily dose of Star Wars.
Worth1000.comPhotoshop contests.